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Please fill out the form on this page. You can select the amount you would like to give and how you would like the funds to be used.

  • Selecting General Fund helps us direct the money where it is most needed
  • Kid’s Corner is a project currently seeking funding to provide an exhibit that will give kids an opportunity to learn how we did it down on the farm.
  • Electrical and Dairy Exhibit will provide a new kiosk and learning opportunity in the East Wing.
  • Sponsor an Event or a series of events and your business will receive valuable exposure you can feel good about because you are supporting the agricultural California story.
    • The June reception is well attended by growers, collectors and food enthusiasts.
    • Create your own MUSEUM DAY theme!

For specific sponsor information, please contact us at (530)666-9700 or email We’ll give you the tour, so roll on in!



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