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Community Engagement Certification reveals the value of local museums to their community

     The Heidrick Ag Museum and Event Center is proud to announce the completion of their Community Engagement Museum Assessment Program certification by the American Alliance of Museums. This certificate validates the completion of an in depth review of the museum’s purpose, mission, history and significance in theMuseum Certificate community by a third party team of museum experts. Among the pages of findings, suggestions, and accolades was the realization that, although the non-profit center is listed as the number one attraction in Woodland, California, drawing more than 10,000 visitors annually from around the world, majority of the surrounding community members have yet to discover this local gem. Read more…


In the News!

GoodDay Sacramento LIVE!

Click below for video of Heidrick Ag History Center staff and volunteers demonstrating the Monitor Rice Seperator. For more vintage tractors and agricultural equipment, come by the museum on February 9th from 12pm to 2pm for the Second Saturday Educational Series.

GoodDay Sacramento live at the Heidrick Ag History Center

Click here to view the Fox40 video, Know Your Neighbors.

The CAT 20 Exp is the newest addition to the Heidrick Ag Center tractor family                                         

Built in 1927 the Caterpillar Expo Twenty Tractor was uses as show piece at county and state fairs or other local events. This versatile machine was commonly used in agricultural applications, but also in road building, hauling airplanes, and other tough jobs. 

The CAT 20 Expo is owned by the Veerkamp family of Placerville, Calif. Collectors of antique tractors, the Veerkamps began the process of restoring the Expo Twenty in 2007. As they researched the machine, the owners discovered that the inaugural tractor had not been painted with the standard gray and red color scheme, which was typical of Cat products built in the late 1920s. Instead, it had received a unique white paint job featuring black trim with brass- and nickel-plated accents. The Veerkamps not only returned the tractor to its original appearance, but also restored its original purpose. Having come full circle from its days as a show machine, the Expo Twenty is back in the public eye.

 Engines Roar! June 13th Members Event

  Date/Time: June 13th, Tuesday, 6p to 7:30p

  Place: Center Courtyard,  Ag History Center, 1962 Hays Lane, Woodland, CA 

  Cost: Free to members. Join or renew anytime , or evening of June 13th.

 RSVP by June 8th, by email at or phone 530-666-6700.

On June 13th the Ag History Center unveils new technology that encourages you to dial your cell phone and learn about new scholarship researched and written by  Ed and Sue Claessen.  Their book  Making Tracks, the story of the Best and Holt collection, won first prize in the category of both biography and history at the Midwest Independent Publishers Association.  They will be at the June 13 to tell you more about their story and explore the culture of agriculture. 

 Nineteenth-century observers watched in awe as cumbersome steam tractors and giant combines worked their way across vast fields.  In the twentieth century, California farmers led the nation in the adoption of gasoline tractors, mechanical pickers, harvesters and dozens of well-known machines.  

We invite you to experience the story of agricultural mechanization in California as seen through the collection and visiting exhibitions.  Also joining Ed and Sue Claessen are guest story tellers Doug and Matt Veerkamp who will expand on the Caterpillar story. 

June 13th is an evening to enjoy light appetizers that feature the Center’s new culinary team, and taste the produce of Berryessa Gap Winery, Capay Valley Vineyards, Copper Hill Olive Oil, Lucero Oil, Putah Creek Winery, Seka Hills Wine & Olive Oil, Simas Family Vineyard, Z Specialty Food.


Heidrick Ag History Center

Join or Renew Your Interest in a California Story

For media information please contact

 Heidrick Ag History Center

1962 Hays Lane, Woodland, CA, 95776


A reliable source of water is an essential part of California farming.  In this year of extreme drought, many farmers have sought new sources of water to irrigate their crops.  Some farmers have also had to be flexible about which crops to plant, and when and how to irrigate them.

A century ago, California farmers often relied on water pumps and local wells for essential irrigation water. The Heidrick has two vintage water pumps on display in the East Wing dating to the early 20th century.  The 1921 Myers self-oiling “Bulldozer” water pump, powered by a Cushman gas engine, is a high capacity reciprocating pump, delivering water on both the up and down strokes.1  A 1907 Fairbanks Morse water pump and “vertical” T series gas-powered engine brought water to the Henry Morgue Ranch of Durham, California2.  

These pumps and motors, and other equipment essential to California agriculture, are on display at the Heidrick Ag History Center, Wed. – Sun. from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

 1Gift courtesy of Gary Nielsen, Modesto, CA

2Loan courtesy of Shannon Mlcoch and Richard Hunt of Clarksburg, CA